that's a hot dress

from by boom

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i'm fucked up and she's a hot mess
i'm kickin lame lines like "that's a hot dress"
stop it she said this ain't the place for that
well i said then i take it all back
she called me sugar and i melted like ice
i got real close and said she smelled nice
she pushed me back and warned against freshness
i replied can i buy you breakfast?
telling looks for unanswered questions
fuckin with her like what's up with your best friend?
whole time schemin for the best in
nodded towards the door and said let's dip
hold on cowboy she quipped quickly
ordered up two anchor steams and two whiskeys
stick with me she grinned with a wink
i let out a laugh grabbed the glasses and drank
she said thanks for the company
i asked if she chiefed tumbleweed
she said honey i think that's clear
and yanked the swisher from behind my ear
cheers i said and killed both pints
she said you're a creep i said you're right
hold on imma be right back
had to drain the lizard and hit the blizzard bag
came back to a note in an empty glass
it read fuck it and my blunt had been gutted
i said ouch tipped the bar and bounced
stood outside took a second to look around
that's when i caught a whiff in the wind
of a kush and wrap blend a voice said my friend
i believe its your hit
she passed me the bat and said it all with her hips
you almost gave me slip
she said i guess i'm that kind of bitch
i was like so for real whose place?
she looked at me and said walk this way


from continuous stimulus, released May 8, 2012



all rights reserved


boom San Francisco

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