kiss the sky

from by boom

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tippin on tracks i'm rippin it fast
slippin on wax you spittin that trash
pushin that crack you pushin them tacks
poppin them thangs pullin them tags
ridin with swag while i dream of a lac
swervin them lanes swervin them lanes
turnin the wheel while i'm lightin that bush
burnin in flames burnin in flames
heaven don't want me, hells afraid
potheads say i'm smellin great
dopeheads say you hella late
oh well homie levitate
fed and paid gem shredded brainstem
burn him leave him walkin dead
talkin heads and hockey pucks
that your bitch? she prolly fuck

headed south i'm breaded out
cash is up debt is down
did too much i'm blackin out
different color vision clouds
spittin rounds gettin fly
i'm takin off to kiss the sky
talkin loud it's do not try
i'm takin off to kiss the sky

wishin i did what my mind could say
flippin my lid like five grenades
findin my lane against the grain
takin the train skippin the bus
skippin the buzz straight to the drunk
makin that rap listen to funk
talkin that shit? get in the trunk
smellin like skunk sittin there stumped
sittin there numb listen to nothin
pushin the buttons and turning the wheel
tryna show off all my curb appeal
spot the zealots jealous
my approach and so i tell it
all my dope and how i sell it
where i get it from? i ain't tellin
tippin on track still rippin it fast
touchin our glass keepin it class
toughin it out the hustlin route
bubblin now they lovin the sound
keepin the crown you can have the throne
sluttin it up we had them hoes
hittin the roads the antidote
grab some clothes and dro and let's go



from continuous stimulus, released May 8, 2012



all rights reserved


boom San Francisco

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