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no pain and cocaine not every day dopefiend
i'm only eloping with mary and codeine
thizz pill this kill this peak that hill
that valley that canyon abandoned in a black hole
spent whole months on one
i fly i slalom
high fivin hoes that party and swallow
go go go dumb
i'm so so so numb
my chest go thump thump thump
my goal hump hump hump
slow days we roll jays drink til we throw things
i ain't scared of croaking is he real or joking
feelin low key like loki off four keys
portly like porky pig been gorgin still gorgeous
hoardin my choruses
bored in morgues again
sortin through weeds and stems
warpin my vinyl mind and my trials
the final choice you make decides your fate
bitch i'm so great
late to my death bed
make death give me head
aw skeet skeet street cred
beep beep beep he's dead
leaflets and pamphlets
i crank it i amp it
burn em let's burn em or break in their mansions
cause a large panic
i'll hit the cabinet
those rich fat fat fannies
love that that xanny
sniff tablets off tablets balance my habits
its too much its too much its too much where's more?
rare form i'm sober
but i'm cool its kosher
posin for posters quick to my holsters
bolstered by wit
i'm roastin those twits
i'm roastin a roach put em all out and spoke this
feel free to quote it


from continuous stimulus, released May 8, 2012



all rights reserved


boom San Francisco

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