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released December 6, 2011

DOOM beats.
boom speaks.



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boom San Francisco

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Track Name: lights, camera, bammer
my wordplay bust heads like weapons
i'm mad hattin from cali land to manhattan
its mad crackin
i'm so hollywood
when i get a cabbage package
ready action
no lights or camera or bammer
only gamma rays and a small amount of praise
hit the club find many candidates
its boom homie
master of the campaign
pass the oj and champagne
come on
keep the yola on the damn plate god
feelin high enough to take off
in the jungle like rainfall
twits get paintballed
urban nerd with the urge to merge style
the first erstwhile jerk to hurl himself on the fire
oh yeah
i copped that album free through the wire

wired like a magazine staff off a vat of lean
cats off nips
dummies sniffin gasoline
trippin on some green grass
at the show like yo where my fiends at?
gimme whiskey or gimme death
gimme creativity and a little depth please
if you're cool with your proclivity, fine
just watch out for the proximity mine
its BOOM
Track Name: complete sass
don't tattle
boom bought a bag of blow
keys up
need a tad over just enough
plus i'm drivin too
drunk but we ridin smooth
heart flutter so butter
motherfucker pass the hooch
act a fool
roll blunts with hash and drool
wack dudes get dropped like a fat deuce
panoramic rap view
fish eye lens
cats bit by trends
can't spit buy pens
pensive pervs
inexpensive furs
in a rented hearse
an irreverent earth
my preference?
my best friend?
little blue hands put my ham in a tourniquet
turn a turkey out send the work down south
dirty like a half burnt down house, ouch
true god
hoop hopper like faust
more wordplay than two bloggers on a fuckin couch
can't account for sanity
stand to be
bucked in the mouth if you fake like a can of cheese
it's like you came from the cannery
the result of a lack of parenthood plannery
still in tims like flannery
double entendres and random fantasies
a banner year like death had
i'm tryna break bad like meth labs
and save vag from drab rap
'it's tough gettin paid'
go and kiss my ascap
that's that like empty idioms
it is what is
from here to oblivion
obsidian hearted
who sharted?
hit the beat like that one new smart kid
he started it
but i was the victor
kinda like the villain but somethin more sinister
Track Name: melted watchamacallit
i'm out of bounds
but you're out of rounds
need a chill pill
meet me at a kava lounge
what kinda uppers can i scrounge in this college town?
its boom
laughin and fallin down
i'm stoned like paula pound
more digs in me than a ho or trowell
go for miles
what's in your wallet
pocket lint and a melted watchimicallit
got a baby bonnet made of bees
the game need to get struck by a comet made of steez
sweet tea?
yes please miss
dear mom
that recipe's sick
it always comes out awful
when you rush to press
just like waffles
the girl let me hit it once and since then
i been on a backdoor offensive like princeton
an unabashed homer like simpson
been on the road since reality kicked him
lack of salary
so he trip galaxies
ain't perfect
in fact he's full of fallacies
been a g since ricky bruised lucy
a warrior poet
somethin like bruce lee
kinda bully
who thinks things through fully?
hardly anyone
many suns but i really don't know em
ridin into battle like a lone wolf shogun
no gun and the blade got lineage
if they start it
imma sure fuckin' finish it
try to test the wit or the power
that's fine homie
i'm paid by hour
rather than make matters worse
i go no hook and fade out the verse
and i drive my own hearse
Track Name: thought they knew me
i'm bumpin somethin
cats cut and huff onions
i only get stronger like tough bunions
a cunning cavalcade of masquerade
only half amazed all his heroes passed away
jumped the shark
sardonic vomit flow
darn it, emcees are cubic zirconics bro
play my part in this poppin comic
used to hobble now i'm gettin used to hoppin comets
stoppin off just to peep the view
fuckin with dames just to tame the shrew
hey you
can i kick it into phase two?
play the lick
but don't dare strum 'brain stew'
punk stoolies
take sluts to D schooly
juggernaut with the ruby
flip it on 'em cause they though they knew me

(like, like)
you seen the movie but we talkin books
crowds are shook by the roundabout routes i took
hook hounds and contents extra
i look down at the context spectra
blah blah from a convent repper
i'm still solvent passin salt and pepper
i'm like prince but fresher
a cooler cat than cheshire
killin shit like Dexter
red alert
don't want my head to hurt
stuck thinkin which foot to put first
curse the world 'cuz it tilts the score
built to spill but I still pour
i'm runnin free like parkour
art form whores feel darts of an auteur
oh sure rope burns are kosher
the dope jerk get it in the bag like grocers
i'm an addict like rabbits and shaggin
'swag' like draggin fat kids to cabins
scan labyrinths on aladdin's afghan
feel the power of conviction in a backhand
punch boobies
feel funk run through me
too kooky
butter sauce and loose leaf
flip in on 'em cause they thought they knew me
Track Name: beef stroganoff
I'm over most heads
goin hard at the chest when i motorboat breasts
guess the m.o.
pack the rental van
every jams a pearl girls can't find a better man
i gotta better hand
queens over jacks
you trippin sippin lean over yak, fact
boring white shit like chicken cacciatore
beef stroganoffs really got me snoring
who's scoring?
two speakers and a beaker lookin bong
is it me or is this street looking long?
no quests, dog
find what you seek
rhyme schemes, rarities, or antiquities
stick with boom find spanish doubloons
rhymes like bringin famished some food, who
rattle prattlers and scatter tattlers
spidey sense bings you could call it bein mad alert
artists take radical turns
tryna find the formula that works and replicate it
they all be dying to make it
be the next big savior
and yesterdays flavor soon
you'll be yesterdays flavor soon

Twenty one one rap space odyssey
good golly molly booms one gone oddity
a pain to potty train
but he got it mane
prolly lost the deposit from all the stains, tho
how the sayin go?
whoever smelt it dealt it
unless it smells like dead gefilte fish
and black licorice mixed with antacid tablets
and half digested cabbage
but dammit
that boom is delish
hold up
how you out homie?
who did you snitch on?
you better dip with a quickness
before the crew catches up and gives you the business

swift kicks in the biscuits
with no witnesses
this is