continuous stimulus

by boom

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this is the last greenhouse album, recorded in the month before moving out. listen to the words carefully, they carry a heavier weight in booms life than perhaps anyone will ever know


released May 8, 2012

produced by boom



all rights reserved


boom San Francisco

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Track Name: blastoff
different day slip away
different drink sip away
sit and spin stand and sway
hit the gin tanqueray
give a grin make her say she wanna sin and who am i to try and save
i'm on my level with the devil tho
embezzling beezlebub and hittin hella hoes
okay i'm lyin at home i'm hittin hella dro
all these songs in my head
all these ways to lose my bread
not that many ways to get it get it get it back
i'm tryna get it back
i wanna get it get it get it get it get it
everything is everything and everything is shit
so if you see me on the street looking hella lit
stop the bus say whats up
choppers up blazed as fuck
your bitch is on my dick and I ain't even started kickin yet
fishnets tits text fly bitch drive this
stick shift like a pro twist weed like a ho
this speed comfortable this weed wonderful
floatin when you comin down hmm i don't really know

blast off for the castoff
hot sauce to blow your caps off
caps lock mascot in a ascot smoking apricot
emcee laugh a lot dragged and beaten in the back lot
bad cot wobbly, darling hot dawdling
i'll have a hot toddy and a copy of my album when it drops
sorry cops i can't hear you over how loud he pops
Track Name: kiss the sky
tippin on tracks i'm rippin it fast
slippin on wax you spittin that trash
pushin that crack you pushin them tacks
poppin them thangs pullin them tags
ridin with swag while i dream of a lac
swervin them lanes swervin them lanes
turnin the wheel while i'm lightin that bush
burnin in flames burnin in flames
heaven don't want me, hells afraid
potheads say i'm smellin great
dopeheads say you hella late
oh well homie levitate
fed and paid gem shredded brainstem
burn him leave him walkin dead
talkin heads and hockey pucks
that your bitch? she prolly fuck

headed south i'm breaded out
cash is up debt is down
did too much i'm blackin out
different color vision clouds
spittin rounds gettin fly
i'm takin off to kiss the sky
talkin loud it's do not try
i'm takin off to kiss the sky

wishin i did what my mind could say
flippin my lid like five grenades
findin my lane against the grain
takin the train skippin the bus
skippin the buzz straight to the drunk
makin that rap listen to funk
talkin that shit? get in the trunk
smellin like skunk sittin there stumped
sittin there numb listen to nothin
pushin the buttons and turning the wheel
tryna show off all my curb appeal
spot the zealots jealous
my approach and so i tell it
all my dope and how i sell it
where i get it from? i ain't tellin
tippin on track still rippin it fast
touchin our glass keepin it class
toughin it out the hustlin route
bubblin now they lovin the sound
keepin the crown you can have the throne
sluttin it up we had them hoes
hittin the roads the antidote
grab some clothes and dro and let's go

Track Name: that's a hot dress
i'm fucked up and she's a hot mess
i'm kickin lame lines like "that's a hot dress"
stop it she said this ain't the place for that
well i said then i take it all back
she called me sugar and i melted like ice
i got real close and said she smelled nice
she pushed me back and warned against freshness
i replied can i buy you breakfast?
telling looks for unanswered questions
fuckin with her like what's up with your best friend?
whole time schemin for the best in
nodded towards the door and said let's dip
hold on cowboy she quipped quickly
ordered up two anchor steams and two whiskeys
stick with me she grinned with a wink
i let out a laugh grabbed the glasses and drank
she said thanks for the company
i asked if she chiefed tumbleweed
she said honey i think that's clear
and yanked the swisher from behind my ear
cheers i said and killed both pints
she said you're a creep i said you're right
hold on imma be right back
had to drain the lizard and hit the blizzard bag
came back to a note in an empty glass
it read fuck it and my blunt had been gutted
i said ouch tipped the bar and bounced
stood outside took a second to look around
that's when i caught a whiff in the wind
of a kush and wrap blend a voice said my friend
i believe its your hit
she passed me the bat and said it all with her hips
you almost gave me slip
she said i guess i'm that kind of bitch
i was like so for real whose place?
she looked at me and said walk this way
Track Name: ode to drugs
now and then i think of how shit is
how i don't give a fuck and live so triv
every day recover from the last
don't go to sleep just fucking crash
cashed in chips gone
one i get on
got my sippy cup, shit's gettin trippy yup
braindead before i hit fifty plus
i'm twistin blunts yellin lick these nuts
my guts grinding feel my spine bleed
high enlightening movin at light speed
so high i'm sight seeing
no longer human pure energy light beam
fly into the sun shun structure and concepts
people celebratin i ain't even gone yet
hella late with a bomb threat
it's hella great of hella bad
it depends on the context

(chorus) x 2
"now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over"
ode to drugs, this my ode to drugs

(bridge) x 2
get that grind that pop that climax
chop that pour it smoke that snort it
bitches whorish hit that sniff this
drink that drink this
go dumb get lit

now and then i think of how shit ain't
ain't broke but i break the bank to get cranked up
the dank plus i'm a glutton for grub
drugs it ain't nothin but love
turn it up earn enough to keep rollin
that's wassup got enough to keep rollin
bags of grass like i been mowin
blunt of hash where's my phone?
grams eights choose your fate
skirt along the line turn amongst the wave
burn a brain to a smart ass crisp
think of all that pain mixed with all that bliss
all pissed off and happy at once
from a dunce to a mac see the simps and the saps
use a mirror don't dare look in it
i love to hate to love all my decisions


Track Name: all the same
i haven't seen it all but i seen a bit
and there been plenty times where i was gonna quit
it takes a lot just to try to stay positive
get goin good just to get stopped again
i seen fire and rain trails i hate hail
and where i grew up it never rained pails
things could still get cloudy tho
but mostly its kids gettin rowdy yo
it's like a sweetness is in the air
the pace is like this and we just don't care
stay up late, sleep til noon
three o clock lunch have a drink or two
oh and of course the surf
we don't wear shirts and we just smoke herb
fill cups find girls that flirt
it's real enough when i leave it hurts

"I seen fire and i seen rain
was gonna kick it all the same"

but on the really tho

I seen a bit i haven't seen it all
and there been plenty times where i done dropped the ball
fallin flat but i like gettin up i guess
and where i live we like to lighten up the stress
but we burn up chron
shit happens and we burden on
the sun made us sturdy strong
mobbin' around in my dirty thongs
sandals for the unobserved
or i'll rock my chucks with just an undershirt
in the dickies shorts and i'll dress like that when i'm fifty four
oh and of course the sunset
don't think i seen a bad one yet
in my town you can still see stars
come round you won't wanna part


I love my town
Track Name: usda approved
had a hunch and her panties in a bunch
hair up in a bun its bad enough she buyin lunch
finest much payback
wheel her fortune like sajak
pull new tricks from the same hat
paint her face rembrandt
sayin nay to den dam makin friends with my left hand
the blunts in the right
what we huntin tonight
bacon bait wait for somethin that bites, right?
keep, keep keep on truckin
lemme see that muffin you could be that buffy
slayin them vampires fakers and damn liars
and where do i fit among them?
at the helm in the real, delusional
rude and undoin the usual
pool of blood don't come clean with scrubbin bubs
rubber glove for the dumpster love grub is grub
tunnel made of malcontent
gold made by alchemists
i can barely count used to pass calculus
stab his eyes
you wanna win you gotta strategize
we're gonna burn
i'm a part time arsonist
full time three times crazier than a four legged barking bitch
fart and dip
pardon miss
i'm part of this federal experiment of partin hips
and you love your country right?
Track Name: madness method
if the sky's the limit baby then its limit reached
everybody climbin but i'm risin on a different peak
different street mean streak
wanna build? tear it down
chillin in my lane who cares who wears the crown
frowned upon i'm grinnin back
hope it change your day
pop an e forty sips chillin in a major way
see the ceilin fade away
starpocked canopy
you cannot kill what you can't even damage once
twist titties and hold blunts for whole months
my heart pumps a little blacker than coal runes
back up in this bitch like my old ones
back up in this bitch all my old haunts
new shirt cold font old shirt dope print
new hat old bag old tricks new kicks
old attitude mixed with some new shit
shiftin latitudes constant movement

(chorus) x 2
maybe there's a method to the madness maybe there ain't
can't just be happy to be here cuz baby i'm great

pick a preference of a method wanna spike sit of settin
wanda syke em out wanna like him but the wheels spinnin
fetti children chillin like elvis left the buildin
never faced a lion if they never left the village
run of spillage so wet i got gills
prick who got quils a shit who pop pills
fear to knoxville walk ill out the box
infinity to potsville affinity for real talk
old words new phrase bold face same grin
new cat smooth tracks old tricks new spin
old attitude mixed with some new shit
shiftin latitudes constant movement

Track Name: frogsplash
no pain and cocaine not every day dopefiend
i'm only eloping with mary and codeine
thizz pill this kill this peak that hill
that valley that canyon abandoned in a black hole
spent whole months on one
i fly i slalom
high fivin hoes that party and swallow
go go go dumb
i'm so so so numb
my chest go thump thump thump
my goal hump hump hump
slow days we roll jays drink til we throw things
i ain't scared of croaking is he real or joking
feelin low key like loki off four keys
portly like porky pig been gorgin still gorgeous
hoardin my choruses
bored in morgues again
sortin through weeds and stems
warpin my vinyl mind and my trials
the final choice you make decides your fate
bitch i'm so great
late to my death bed
make death give me head
aw skeet skeet street cred
beep beep beep he's dead
leaflets and pamphlets
i crank it i amp it
burn em let's burn em or break in their mansions
cause a large panic
i'll hit the cabinet
those rich fat fat fannies
love that that xanny
sniff tablets off tablets balance my habits
its too much its too much its too much where's more?
rare form i'm sober
but i'm cool its kosher
posin for posters quick to my holsters
bolstered by wit
i'm roastin those twits
i'm roastin a roach put em all out and spoke this
feel free to quote it
Track Name: raining ash
think that i'm super tough
know that i'm super fly
keep it og homie we don't even try
smoke the finest herb
different color drinks
different color pills
all the pussy pink
takin sound a different route because i'm out my head
haven't heard me for a while been about my bread
flippin styles puttin miles on the treads
gotta get this cheese
sleep can wait til i'm dead
death awaits me baby it'll take us all
speedin when i used to stall run i used to crawl
sit and smoke on the front porch
now i'm on the rise champagne uncorked
devils tongue unforked
fork you pay me
the shit i been dealin with would drive you crazy too
that's why they named me boom
cuz i'll flip my shit that's how i used to vent and still do

it's always rainin ash
dream that it's rainin cash
soon as it gets good its gone the flash
the path is untreaded
the gas is unleaded
the wrath is unintended
sorry if you're swept up in it
i'm only matchin speeds
dream that i'm snatchin keys
soon as it gets gone its good
the path is dreaded
the gas is unleaded
the cash is incentive
sorry but its where my head is